Tuesday, December 28, 2021

“Context Is All”

So if you start here, you get a string of tweets in which an actual criminal defense lawyer debates sentencing with the great unwashed who seem to be of the mind of a Vonnegut character (from “Cat’s Cradle,” if memory serves), who wanted criminals strung from lampposts with signs around their necks: “Momma, here’s your boy!” N.b. Sentencing does send a message, and the message is: “We can do what we want to you!”

Horowitz has a point in his fight on this thread: But then if you follow this tweet: You find comments like this: The majority of Twitter (or the intertoobs) may seem like an insane and evil place. But the majority is not the entirety.

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  1. Twitter struck me as a force for bad the first time I heard of it in its character limit and when I saw it it was even worse than I imagined it. And it's innocuous as compared to Facebook. Though 24-7 cabloids are probably worse, feeding those as they do.