Thursday, December 23, 2021

I Would Despair....

...but I've encountered the knowledge of history the average non-Harvard bound (or UT-bound, for that matter) student brings from public school education and, honestly, they can't get much more ignorant than they already are.

Besides, it's not like the history proposed to be taught by this law is not the history I grew up with.  No, it shouldn't be now, nor should it have been then.  But I find it hard to say the world is now coming to an end, when it didn't when I was a kid.

I'm old enough to remember when "revisionist history" was the dirtiest word a conservative could utter, because it meant history was no longer about how America was a bright shining city on the hill whose every act was virtuous and every effort a blessing from God, world without end, Amen. Cowboy movie history, in other words, blessed by St. Ronnie and John Wayne the Divine. That was despite Dee Brown teaching us how we actually treated the natives who were here first. Movies were better. Lies usually are.

The whole thing just sucks, but it always has.  Then again, our national racism/protect-white-people-at-all-costs sentiments are clear for all to see.

And frankly, that's something.

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