Thursday, December 04, 2008

Advent 5

It's no excuse to be deaf dumb and blind
When evolution is a thing of no use
it likes to call itself intelligent design

So here's the world in the palm of my hand
How come i'm feeling so tender
It's a mans world i've heard it since birth
I'm out of touch with my gender

I wanna feed the hungry i wanna heal the sick
I wanna stifle the causes of sufferin' and hate
I wanna know my enemy by the look in his eyes
I wanna stop all this madness before it's too late

I don't care of you think I've gone crazy
Messianic delusion's a back breaking grind
I've got a dog and a gold and a friend in the navy
Don't know nothing about intelligent design

It's no excuse to be brutal
It's no excuse to be vile
It's no excuse to wanna die for religion
or hang an innocent child
It's no excuse to be a slick politician
when the whole of new orleans is drowning in brine
I'm not mistaken it was darwins position
that the hole in the levee was caused by intelligent design

--Rodney Crowe

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