Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's not looking enough like Christmas....

I went back and re-read some recent posts by Pastor Dan at Street Prophets, posts that had prompted me to write some otherwise unnecessary things. I realized I had mis-read most of what I had commented on. I watched Rachel Maddow's show last night, and learned more about Rick Warren than I ever wanted to know (I was happier when I was ignoring him). I realized I disliked his theology even more than when I ignored it as shallow and feckless. And then Grandmere Mimi responded to my last post, and I realized it was time to reassess what I've been doing here recently.

It's my demonic impulse taking over. The kerfuffle over Warren just makes me sick, on some level. With all the problems in the world and facing the country, this is the one we obsess about now? Why, because we feel powerless, and grabbing hold of this makes us feel powerful? As I said at Wounded Bird, on the tree of evil this "controversy" isn't even a branch; it's more like a leaf.

Now Warren makes even more idiotic statements about gays and lesbians, and runs his church to exclude people who don't think and behave like he does. I stand at the opposite end, with the PCUSA church in Austin where the pastor made an atheist a member of the church. Not because I think there are no boundaries, but because I think "church membership" is a kind of silly ideal we are all taught to attach great importance to. Now Warren wants to make a club of that, too, the better to beat people up with it. Well, Saddleback is his church (it's non-denominational). He can do with it precisely what he likes.

As for me? Feh. I discard him.

But this business of not judging is itself judgmental, so I'm trapped. Which brings out my demonic. That and my work schedule in December.

Everyone is owed an apology, and I should go back to ignoring Rick Warren and posting Advent stuff I didn't write.

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