Thursday, February 05, 2015

Only because I'm not on Facebook

And so can't comment at Charlie Pierce's place:

At 91 years old, the former secretary of state, national security adviser and intellectual-cum-celebrity has come to occupy a unique place in the foreign policy firmament. Though some historians blame him for countless deaths in places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh, Kissinger is more revered than ever in Washington. He has become a Yoda-like figure, bestowing credibility and a statesman's aura to politicians of both parties, including ones who may not actually share his worldview.

"Thou hast committed fornication
But that was in another country
And besides, the wench is dead."

--Christopher Marlowe

We get most of our political culture from Britain, to whom the rest of the world is "another country," and so what you do there doesn't really matter.

Besides, the wench is dead.  How many votes do the dead have?


  1. That people like Kissinger can walk the world free with the blood of tens if not hundreds of thousands on their hands is just evidence that our technology is merely in the service of the darkest of dark ages. Scientific knowledge isn't what was needed to bring light, it is moral awareness and practice.

  2. Interesting that Sparky thinks he's not blaming Kissinger's non-incarceration on atheists.


  3. Steve, really, learn to read.