Monday, June 05, 2017

Are there things the President doesn't do as President?

The single line is enough:  what Trump says on Twitter is not what he does as President.  When the President belches, it's a Presidential belch.  Anything the President does is, by definition, done "as President."

The wheels have come off Kellyanne's bus.

Not surprising why, actually:

Which directly contradicts the arguments of his DOJ in court, but adds to the comments the court can consider in reviewing the executive order.

Well, you could have told them to, you know....

And just this morning comes the report that Trump wants to replace Priebus as Chief of Staff, but nobody else wants the job.  Gee, wonder why?

Kellyanne has been forced to defend the indefensible, and even she can't do it anymore.  This is what an Administration looks like when the person in charge is completely incapable of carrying out the duties of President.*

That 25th Amendment remedy is moving its way to the front of the crowd.

*Turns out it's not just Kellyanne:

Gorka then went on to say that he’d rather talk about President Trump’s policies, but Cuomo insisted that the tweets were about the policies.

“I think you need to understand the policy,” Gorka said, maintaining that Trump’s tweets weren’t policy.

“I think that you need to have a little understanding here,” Cuomo said.

“This is about national security,” Gorka said, claiming that people are too obsessed with Trump’s tweets and not the policies. As a fact check, Trump’s tweets were about his policies.

Later in a panel discussion, former Ambassador to Russia, Thomas Pickering noted “what the president says means is U.S. policy” and as such, it matters.

“Or it doesn’t! If you listen to his staff some days,” host Alyson Camerota said.

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