Thursday, June 22, 2017

Science can't explain it!

Tide goes in, tide goes out!

But wait, it gets better!

Informed of the president’s denial that he had recorded his conversations with Comey, a senior administration official replied, “At least that’s behind us.” When alerted to his apparent suspicions of Oval Office surveillance, the official replied in a text message, “fml.”

And there's this, too:

 “No clue what the thinking was,” a White House staffer said of the tweets. “He could’ve just said there are no tapes. It’s baffling, frankly.”

Topped only by Sarah Huckabee Sanders her own self!

“I think those are questions you’d have to ask those law enforcement agencies,” Sanders said when asked if the president suspected he was being monitored by the CIA, the FBI, or another agency.

“There’s public record that talks about surveillance, that talks about unmasking, we know those practices take place.”

“I don’t know specifically if there’s a direct concern” about Oval Office surveillance, Sanders said. Questions “about specific instances” should be directed to the relevant agencies.It's good to know the staff doesn't understand it any better than we do.  
Not as eloquent as known knowns and unknown knowns and unknown unknowns, but still retains that:  look, over there, dog on the loose!, quality to it.

But hey, maybe it's strategery!  or 11th dimensional chess!

“It is unclear why the president made that initial tweet,” Tapper said. “Was it bluster, witness intimidation, a desire to pressure Comey to be as truthful as possible? Either way, the plan seems to have backfired.”

Trump’s tweet on May 12 that suggested Comey “better hope” there are no “tapes” of their conversations prompted the former FBI director to release his memos detailing their conversations, and he admitted that he hoped such tapes existed to keep the president accountable and result in the appointment of a special counselor.

“That tweet began a course of actions that resulted in the point of Robert Mueller,” Tapper said. “So, not a great strategy, President Trump.”
Our man on their side!

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