Friday, June 30, 2017

First Rule of Chaos

A:  This is not high school.

B:  You're the President of the United States of America.  Don't you have anything better to do?

C:  Considering how you react to women who disagree with you, what can we expect at the G20?

In a defiant speech to parliament a week before she will host a summit of the world's top economic powers in Hamburg, the northern port city where she was born, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel did not mention Trump by name but said global problems could not be solved with protectionism and isolation.

Her remarks raised the prospect of an open clash with Trump at the summit. She later met with European G20 leaders who promised to present a united front in Hamburg, while making clear they preferred compromise to conflict.

"These will not be easy talks," Merkel said. "The differences are obvious and it would be wrong to pretend they aren't there. I simply won't do this."
D:  Will you tweet about Angela Merkel bleeding next?

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