Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not that it really matters

Just so you believe me when I say "22"
But I call "bullshit":

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, an African-American who became a staunch critic of the Black Lives Matter movement and a supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, has withdrawn his acceptance for a job as assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. newspapers reported on Saturday.

Clarke notified Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly on Friday of his decision, Craig Peterson, an adviser to Clarke, said in a statement, according to the Washington Post and other newspapers.

You will note this is entirely from Clarke:

Neither the agency nor Clarke’s office immediately responded to requests for comment.

Clarke’s decision comes a month after he told radio station WISN in Milwaukee that he would leave his post as sheriff in June to join the Department of Homeland Security.

At the time, a spokeswoman for the agency said no announcement on Clarke had been made.
I've yet to find an article, including the original from the Washington Post, that doesn't provide information solely from Clarke's camp.  I think this was pure fantasy, start to finish.  Hell, even the medals he likes to flash are mostly prizes from a Cracker Jack box.  Of the 22 pins he likes to wear, 1 is his sheriff's badge.  The other 21 include:

...a pin that reads “Sheriff” made and branded by the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company.

A U.S. flag lapel pin.

A “thin blue line” pin. The expression “thin blue line” is meant to evoke the role of police in society: a thin blue line of people willing to stand between us and them. This pin mirrors similar others that are popular in the United Kingdom.

...a pin for the Israeli civil guard.... At other times, Clarke has worn a badge for the Israeli traffic police.

A 9/11 memorial pin

...a badge for the General Mitchell International Airport division of the Milwaukee County Sheriffs Department.

a pin from the National Rifle Association. Clarke has been a proponent of the organization for some time, including starring in an ad for the NRA.

A U.S. flag bar pin.

A small replica of a 19th-century U.S. Secret Service badge

A 75th anniversary FBI National Academy pin.

A “thin blue line” ribbon from Concerns of Police Survivors, an organization for the family members of law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty.

An FBI National Executive Institute pin.

A pin labeled “NSI,” perhaps for the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative of which Milwaukee is a part.

An FBI National Academy completion pin.

Pin for the CeaseFire crime reduction program of which he was once a liaison for the Milwaukee Police Department.
 A pin depicting a baby’s feet (“the precious feet”), signifying support for the antiabortion movement.

Blue Knights law enforcement motorcycle club pin.

And his response when WaPo contacted him to find out what the pins were:

I am the subject of a lot of ridiculous narratives. This, I must say is the height of that ridiculousness. This smear is beneath me to say any more about, especially with a media outlet (Washington Post) that has proven time and time again with their biased coverage that they are always at the ready to be that propaganda machine for those pushing fake narratives — especially those that smear black conservatives.
He goes on for five paragraphs like that.  The man is a fantasist.  I'm sure he isn't working in the Administration because he would upstage the Fantasist-in-Chief.

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