Thursday, June 01, 2017

Asking for a friend

So I frequent "Raw Story" now because they put new hot takes about every 15-30 minutes, and like any internet junkie I need a fix of new stuff after I've just read the new stuff that isn't new now (more new stuff!  Quant suff. is not suff.!).  And I see lots of this:

Jeffrey Lord claiming coal is the wave of the future'

Rick Santorum contending the sun is unreliable

Jason Miller claiming "green jobs" are too expensive to even create (v. coal, which is cheap and healthy, right?)

Some random idiot laughing off wind turbines (which, by the way, power my house.  Texas is a big producer of wind energy electricity) by comparing them to Dutch windmills.

And that's all on just CNN.   From which I draw two conclusions:

A)  I'm glad I don't have cable/satellite/what have you anymore (no, I'm not sanctimonious, I'm just cheap)

B)  Why do these people get on even cable news shows?  Are there so many dead hours to fill up they let any drooling goober with an opinion take up everyone's time?  Is there any reason to allow these idiots to pollute the public discourse with such mindless drivel? Have we learned nothing in the four months (are we sure it's not four years yet?) Trump has been President?

Seriously.  I'm asking for a friend.....*

*N.B.  There are the cable news channels, the broadcast news channels, NPR, and then there's the NYT and WaPo and a few others (Reuters, Guardian, etc.).  Which ones are giving us stories almost daily about what is going on in the White House, and which are airing "discussions" with Trumpian lunatics who will soon be telling us we can eat cotton dipped in chocolate and coal makes an excellent side dish to a bowl of gruel for the elderly (who we can't afford to fund Meals on Wheels for)?  Again, just asking for a friend.....

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