Thursday, April 07, 2022

Without Exaggeration

This is what Putin is doing to the people of Ukraine. The difference of degree is significant, but the inhumanity, the dehumanization, is the same. The people coming to this country in desperation are not being treated as human beings but as markers, pieces. Question the humanity of a person who treats other people this way. Anne Richards spoke of the need for those in government, like the Governor of Texas, to have compassion. Greg Abbott is as lacking in compassion, as a Governor, as a person can be.

This is not a stunt, it’s an insult. It’s a low-level atrocity. It is an immoral act and probably an illegal one. Abbott has no authority to detain or relocate these people. He’s been arresting them for trespass after they are released by Border Patrol. None of those cases has resulted in sentencing, since the charges are unsustainable. I wouldn’t be surprised if these busses are stopped at the point of origin, or certainly at the state borders by federal marshals. Abbott simply lacks the authority to do this. Once these people are released by the Feds, the state cannot treat them either as criminals or as persona non grata. Absent some legal authority to detain them or remove them, Abbott can’t herd them on busses, much less drive them to D.C.

If Biden doesn’t stop this, the courts will. Somebody should. This is a ridiculous abuse of power.

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