Friday, March 07, 2014

Because sometimes you have to laugh instead of cry....

In lieu of a picture, we have Jon Stewart:

Who says it better than any commentary I've heard yet. Which would be sad, but at least we have Jon Stewart, so rather than curse the darkness....

In other, unrelated news, a group of atheists is upset that a cross has been placed at the memorial of the World Trade Center.  They've lost this fight in the courts, so it may be a moot issue.  But this, I think, is the right response to the suit itself:

If you want to get offended over the placement of Christian imagery in a memorial to a historic event, you’re going to be pissed off at a whole lot of museums and even more of history itself. That cross is part of what happened. It’s part of the building that was destroyed and it’s part of the experience of the people who worked on the recovery efforts afterward and it’s part of the experience of the visitors who paid their respects after them. It just is. This isn’t a school system trying to sneak Bibles into the classrooms; this isn’t the Ten Commandments in a courthouse. You want to fight against that religious infiltration into public life? I am on your side. You want to keep church and state separate? Me too. But you want to pitch a fit over an item that’s a clear-cut part of the story because you don’t like what it symbolizes? You’re mad there’s no 9/11 equivalent to that 17-foot cross because apparently nobody had the foresight to pull a satisfying secular symbol out of the wreckage? Please, just grow up. Because in this fight, you haven’t got a prayer. 

I gotta agree. Pick your battles; unless you want to be the next Madalyn Murray O'Hair, this ain't one of 'em.

And, in closing, another video from The Daily Show; because, if anything, this one is better than that one.

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  1. Yeah, the cross thing is as stupid as suing over Genesis on Apollo 8. Jeebus.