Monday, November 05, 2018

Future's so bright....

As the president took the stage at a Macon, Georgia rally, he proclaimed that if Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams is elected as the governor, she will unmake the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. A governor doesn’t become elected the king of the United States, Congress still would be required to pass laws and have it ratified by the states to unmake an Amendment. But the president seems to think his own people don’t even know how government works.

“We now know Trump’s theory” for why his supporters voted for him. “Trump’s theory is that people voted for him because of racial resentment and racial anxiety,” Goldberg said. “Trump theory is that his base is scared, that they are racist and that they’re kind of dumb. Nobody treats Trump base, whatever we think about Hillary Clinton’s comment about deplorables, nobody treats these voters with more contempt than the president.”

She said that it’s clear he believes they will be scared of a “non-existent threat” of a caravan a month away.

“He believes he can make his base terrified enough they will turn out for him, and that’s what he thinks of the electorate,” she said.

The president frequently expounds ridiculous phrases and policies that are impossible given the way the government works. It’s unclear if he simply doesn’t know or if he thinks his supporters don’t know.

Trump lost the popular vote.  Vote turnout so far is equivalent to a Presidential year.  Beto gathered 55,000 supporters at a rally; at his rally in Houston, Trump gathered about 7000 people.

Sure, his supporters are bluntly uninterested in reality:

“I don’t care. He has done more than any Republican or Democrat,” said Pete Sandifer, a 58-year-old military retiree who with his wife drove two and a half hours from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to attend Trump’s rally in the far western Florida Panhandle.

Sharon Sandifer, 43, disputed that Trump has been unable to secure any funding for his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border from any source ― a fact easily proven in the spending legislation that Trump himself has signed.

“Excuse me,” she told HuffPost a short while before Trump arrived at Pensacola International Airport for a Saturday evening rally. “But it’s your word against his.”

Robert Robertson, in line to clear security and enter the massive hangar where Trump was to speak, was not interested in hearing about Trump’s falsehoods about the wall ― or anything else, for that matter.

“All politicians are liars. They’re all weasels,” said the 60-year-old from Panama City. “You know why he’s so good? Because he’s up there breaking all the furniture. If he wanted to shoot somebody on Broadway, I’d vote ‘not guilty.’”

Rick Wilson, a Florida GOP consultant and a Trump critic from the time he entered the presidential race, said the Trump supporters who ignore his failure to deliver on the signature promise of his campaign ― let alone get Mexico to pay for it, which he also promised ― speak volumes.

“They either think it’s mostly built, or they think the Mexican check just hasn’t cleared yet,” Wilson said. “It’s just magical thinking.”

They are also a distinct minority.  Even FoxNews is losing interest:

Fox News viewers were furious at their network of choice after they said more of President Barack Obama’s rally in Georgia was shown than President Donald Trump’s.'
Can't blame 'em.  Obama's rally is news; Trump's rallies are old news.

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