Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Presidentin' by Tweet is Hard!

Still doesn't understand the concept of the European Union, does he?  Unfair!

The European Union's import tariff on U.S. wine ranges from $0.11 to $0.29 per 750mL bottle, according to the California-based Wine Institute. The U.S., meanwhile, charges, between $0.05 and $0.14. 
And Trump still loves him some Steve Bannon:

Who does he think he's talking to?  Or maybe he's pissed at France?
That's gonna leave a mark.  And responding for France, Mr. Nate Silver:
Speaking of rain and cemeteries and failures to appear:
Sure, I believe him.  I mean, it's not like he's ever lied before. (and for those of you who want to chase down the lie and chew it like a rubber toy, James Fallows has your joy.)  By the next tweet there will have been a hurricane blowing across France that kept only Trump from attending.  And none of this explains why he couldn't drive over to Arlington Cemetery yesterday.

Clearly he's very busy now that he's back in D.C.  He didn't tweet this much on the plane to Europe.

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