Wednesday, November 07, 2018

This Trump press conference

Somehow I don't think Trump would appreciate the metaphor

is a chocolate fountain of goodies.  So, a question about racism is a "racist question"?  Especially coming from a black woman?


(and Joe Scarbrough is right about Trump's "raccoon eyes."  What's with that weird orange color and the whites around the eyes?  John Boehner never looked so artificially dyed.)

By the way:

How do you heal success?  And Trump as a moral leader? In what dark and twisted reality is that?  I guess the same one where he is a super-genius and audits protect his tax returns from ever being seen by mere mortals:
That would be the same government which has accomplished so much in the last 2 years?
I've gotta stop; too much sugary goodness.

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  1. Democrats in the House are going to have to play the hardest of hardball, nothing goes through if the Republicans and the Republican judiciary shield Trump from oversight. Oversight is their most important function.