Sunday, November 04, 2018

Two Things

I learned on "Press the Meat" this morning:

(A)  Even Chuck Todd doesn't think the polls mean anything now, because of this historic turnout.  He said so, on-air, on the show this morning.  Historical models for deciding who is a "likely voter" and what the electorate looks like this year are out the window.  Voting in Texas alone has already exceeded the entire turnout in 2012.

(B)  For the first time in my memory (and I remember the first time pundits started talking about "battleground states"), Texas was described as a "battleground state."  True, they only allowed time for the Senate race, but several House seats in Texas are expected to flip, or seriously threatened to flip, to Democratic for the first time since Texas flipped as a state from Democratic to Republican.

(C)  Okay, three things:  the GOP "representatives" on the panel insisted voters were charged up to vote because of Kavanaugh.  Interestingly, Chuck showed a "word cloud" for responses to the poll NBC was touting, words drawn from responses to questions about the issues most important to those polled. If "Kavanaugh" showed up in those clouds (one for Dems, one for GOP voters), nobody on the panel noticed it.

The GOP pundits have no more idea what's coming than the pollsters do.

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