Monday, November 05, 2018

Pictures from the Gone World

I thought it was all about the scary migrants who haven't reached Mexico City yet but will invade before tomorrow morning!
And in two years you haven't figured out you don't dole out money, Congress does?
The FBI?  Or local law enforcement, over which you have no authority whatsoever?  And which may take place in "(or Early Voting)"?  That horse has kinda left the barn, hasn't it?  And just how do police officers look for "ANY ILLEGAL VOTING"?  Take the black and brown people aside and make 'em prove that ID is legit?
The sad thing is, his most ardent supporters believe this although he hasn't accomplished jack shit in 2 years.  The happy thing is, there's too few of them to make any difference, especially without an electoral college involved.

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  1. Even if they lose tomorrow, his most ardent supporters are uncomfortably too many and dangerously prone to violence. Even with the best news tomorrow, it's going to be long and hard and dangerous getting out of this.

    If Democrats take back the Maine State government tomorrow, I'm pushing for Oregon style mail in ballots for all registered voters. I don't think anyone should trust any voting system which has an online component and with no paper ballots.