Tuesday, September 27, 2022


HE TWEETED ABOUT IT???? Very bad idea. (And he attached it to the Texas Tribune tweet to be sure it was widely seen.) I had a process server come to my door, once. More than once, if I recall correctly.  My daughter had been in a minor traffic accident shortly after she got her driver's license (it runs in the family.  The day I got my first car I was driving to my wife's, then girlfriend's, house to show it off, and turned off the highway so fast I lost control, spun it 180 degrees, and put it in a ditch on the side of the road.  And then continued merrily on my way, driving a bit slower.).  The suit came as the statue of limitations was running, so by then Lovely Daughter was away at college.  I didn't lie to the process server, but I was under no obligation to tell him where she was (in Santa Fe, New Mexico).  They finally caught up with her, the insurance company handled it, all was well.

I certainly wouldn't have told my wife to put my daughter in the car and drive off hastily, had the server come back when our daughter was at home.

And no, the server didn't intimidate me.  Process servers don't look like Dog, the Bounty Hunter, or act like they're going to beat you with the envelope in their hand.  If Paxton truly was skeered, it doesn't say much for him.  As for avoiding the guy, he could have just gone in the house and refused to answer the door.  Or called the police, which would end up with him being served. It's pretty damned obvious being served is what he was avoiding.

Or he was afraid of getting a paper cut.

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  1. I've been served at my door twice. Never realized I could've just run away!