Friday, September 30, 2022

The 11th Circuit Is Going To Get Very Tired Of Judge Cannon Very Quickly

An expedited appeal would serve the interests of justice," said the filing. "Based on the district court's orders thus far, the government is barred from accessing all of the materials except those with classification markings recovered in August pursuant to a lawful search warrant — and it may continue to be barred from doing so until mid-December or later." 
This order, the DOJ argued, means that "the government is ... unable to examine records that were commingled with materials bearing classification markings, including records that may shed light on, for example, how the materials bearing classification markings were transferred to Plaintiff's residence, how they were stored, and who may have accessed them." These documents, the filing added, may also reveal evidence of crimes unrelated to classified information, like obstruction and removal of government records.

(To the astute among (you know who you are), this is why I’m not a criminal lawyer. This is also why the 11th Circuit is likely to grant the appeal. Again.

Cannon is going to be in their shitlist.)*

*No, she’s not going to be removed from the bench. That would take impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate. Never gonna happen.

Again, no report is full enough:

Looks like DOJ is tired of Cannon's sandbox. And the panel already granted a motion to stay Cannon’s order?

Interesting, if true.

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