Friday, September 23, 2022

Streisand Effect

And how many people are on Truth Social?

And how many people now get to see it on Twitter?
Truthfully, not as bad; but I could have missed it, too, and never known the loss. it's funny how "Marxism" is such a shibboleth among people who have no idea that "communism" even was (the Berlin Wall came down before this woman was born, I'm willing to bet). And the racism-that-isn't has never gone away. In my day it was just "I don't want my daughter to marry one!" Now it's "equity, inclusion, diversity"...all marks of CRT and all "Marxism." (And "Marxism" was the catch-all for anything you wanted to label "unAmerican."  We even had a House Committee devoted to uncovering such matters; it ran from 1938 to 1975. Imagine such a thing today. But it's funny how "Marxism" is still the go to phrase for all things untenable and to be shunned by all "good" people.)

The "argument I got into on NextDoor about CRT was with someone who insisted "Critical theory" (where critical is actually just a modifier of theory, in general parlance) was instead the "Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School which employs "a specific interpretation of Marxist philosophy" and therefore is, through the terms "critical" and "theory," apparently, a direct antecedent of CRT, ergo CRT = "Marxist" and so also are:  equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

You see why I don't argue with people on the internet anymore?

It's all just an excuse to be a racist, without being one.  Same song, second verse.  This is where I came into the movie.  Everything old is new again.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.

All is vanity and chasing after emptiness.

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  1. Considering Trump spent his presidency kissing up to the two most Stalinist regimes in the world, today, the Kim regime and the Putin one, that they would bring up "Marxism" is the height of hypocrisy. This is the consequence of the left getting suckered by Marxists, if that had never happened they wouldn't be able to do any of it.