Friday, September 23, 2022

The Power Of Trump Continues To Roll Over American Democracy

And Trump the politician remains so successful that:
Blake Masters in Arizona, Tiffany Smiley in Washington State and Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania have all made pivots — some artfully, some not — as the ardent, Trump-loyal voters who decided the Republican primaries shrink in the rearview mirror, and a more cautious, broader November electorate comes into view," reported Jonathan Weisman. "These three Senate candidates haven’t quite renounced their questioning of the 2020 election — to right-wing audiences of podcasts, radio shows and Fox News, they still signal their skepticism — but they have shifted their appeals to the swing voters they need to win on Nov. 8."
So support among GOP primary voters is not enough to rule the country? Who knew?

And I will suspend my criticism of reposting Trump’s Truth Social crap ðŸ’Đ because this stuff is just so nuts I can’t see how it does him any good at all:


  1. What the hell is he doing to that baby?

    1. Drop kick it would be my guess, except I doubt he can do that. I think the Trumpian-anti-realist school of art is a direct result of a country too fed on cable sy-fi.