Wednesday, December 13, 2017


He knows we can see these, right?

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  1. Last night as I was reading about some outrageous statement by Sean Hannity on FOX I realized that the reason they do that is they figure their audience self-chooses for stupidity, or at least a lot of them do, the rest self-choose for not caring that something is a lie if what is said is against the people they hate (something that some lefty bloggers also seem to depend on).

    The longer this goes on the more I'm convinced it was a product of judges and justices and lawyers and people with college degrees figuring that morality is a matter of consensus, that a lie is as good as the truth if it will get you what you want, that, as you said, "reality is fungible".

    I have come to believe this is, actually and ultimately, a product of various strains of academic materialism. When you believe that we're just objects, that morality is just what natural selection produced because it gives a slight advantage in reproductive success, even if you acknowledge that form of demoted, degraded morality, the reason to follow it in any given instance is slight and you might be able to work it so you get away with not following it. It's why the secular "left" was able to not distinguish between fascism-Nazism and the various denominations of Marxism when the most salient feature of all of them were enormous numbers of people murdered and oppressed through state terror into abject passivity and servitude.

    The crude Trumpian vulgarian materialists aren't really all that much different from the higher brow materialists, in the end. I think the only thing that keeps them separated is the academic habit developed from having to watch their backs through dotting their i's and crossing their t's.