Friday, December 08, 2017

Dec. 8: Immaculate Conception

Ne timeas, Maria.
Do not be afraid, Mary.

Monastic Liturgy

The Theotokos has been revealed on earth in truth,
Proclaimed of old by the words of the prophets,
Foretold by the wise patriarchs
    and the company of the righteous.
She will exchange glad tidings with the honor of women:
Sarah, Rebekah, and glorious Hannah,
And Miriam, the sister of Moses.
All the ends of the earth shall rejoice with them,
Together with all of creation.
For God shall come to be born in the flesh,
Granting the world great mercy.

Orthodox Liturgy

"That man say we can't have as much rights as a man 'cause Christ wasn't a woman.  Where did your Christ come from?  From God and a woman.  Man had nothing to do with it."

Sojourner Truth

Virtus Altissimi obumbrabit tibi.
The power of the Most High will overshadow you.

Monastic Liturgy

Hail, O most worthy in all the world!
Thou purest Maiden that ever on earth
Through the long ages lived among men!
Rightly all mortals in blithe mood
Name thee blessed and hail thee Bride
Of the King of glory. The thanes of Christ,
In heaven the highest, carol and sing
Proclaiming thee Lady of the heavenly legions,
Of earthly orders, and the hosts of hell.

 Thou only of women didst purpose of old
To bring thy maidhood unto thy Maker,
Presenting it there unspotted of sin.
Of all mankind there came no other,
No bride with linked jewels, like unto thee
With pure heart sending thy glorious gift
To its heavenly home. The Lord of triumph
Sent forth His herald from the hosts on high
To bring thee knowledge of abundant grace:
That in pure birth thou shouldst bear God's Son
In mercy to men; and thou thyself, Mary,
Remain for ever Immaculate Maid.

Author Unknown

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