Sunday, February 03, 2019

1 dimensional criminals are so single-minded

2 dimensional criminals are hard to see when they turn sideways.

4 dimensional criminals are really hard to grasp.

In other important news:

Did they draw little hearts and smiley-faces on each other's score cards?

What the schedules show: Trump, an early riser, usually spends the first 5 hours of the day in Executive Time. Each day's schedule places Trump in "Location: Oval Office" from 8 to 11 a.m.

But Trump, who often wakes before 6 a.m., is never in the Oval during those hours, according to six sources with direct knowledge.

Instead, he spends his mornings in the residence, watching TV, reading the papers, and responding to what he sees and reads by phoning aides, members of Congress, friends, administration officials and informal advisers.
Since Nov. 7, the day after the midterm elections, Trump has spent around 297 hours in Executive Time, according to the 51 private schedules we've obtained.

For those same schedules, Trump has had about 77 hours scheduled for meetings that include policy planning, legislative strategy and video recordings.

The most important asset in any presidency is the president's time," [Chris] Whipple said. "And Trump is a guy who gives new meaning to the notion of an unstructured presidency."

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  1. Someone last week said that things would get better when golf season starts and he doesn't want to have to spend time at the White House, which he will if he declares an emergency or shuts down the government again.

    The disaster that the Trump regime is has certainly cast a bright light on how corrupt the entire thing is, the Senate, the media, the law, especially the Court. That he is still there is proof of how dangerous our system is and will be until some really big things change.