Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I Honestly Don't Think Jeebus Loves Me This Much

Because the result will be a spanking in the courts (even Scalia relied on Youngstown in slapping down an executive order over reach by Obama; that precedent is alive and well, IMHLegalO) and Trump bringing his entire Presidency to an undeniable and crashing halt.  Nancy Pelosi will bring up a resolution in the House which the Senate will have to vote on (no choice, Mitch!).  It will be the point when every one in DC will have to admit the Emperor is buck nekkid.  (And let us not ignore the Democrats are winning bigly on this issue, especially if Trump signs off on the spending plan and then tries to wreck the government by declaring himself the Sovereign Lord and Master.  For one thing, all the nonsense getting started about the Green New Deal suddenly disappears from the radar, and who's gonna care what Ilhan Omar said?)

This is the hill his Presidency dies on.