Wednesday, February 13, 2019

You Can't Fix Stupid

I knew someone who had lost hearing in one ear due to having measles as a child (long before the vaccine was available).  She died of cancer as an adult. 

It's not a refutation per se, but this is such a dumb comment it hardly deserves one.  I suppose we should bring back polio, too.  I knew adults crippled by polio, but it's a childhood disease, right?


  1. This is your mind on pop culture.

    And to think this all started with an article that was accepted by modern peer review by one of the premier scientific journals, The Lancet.

  2. Interesting article at Slate ( points out there is more sound and fury than significance, here.

    Still, the position is indefensible, if only from experience with the disappearance of so many childhood diseases and the fact no one in my daughter's generation ever knew anyone crippled by polio.

  3. I remember my mother getting really nervous when there was news of polio. There was a girl in our town who spent pretty much her whole life in an iron lung. She had us get both the Salk and Sabin vaccines. I don't know if that's recommended but we did. I had a terrible case of measles it's nothing to fool around with.