Sunday, February 17, 2019

Meanwhile, in South Carolina

Lindsay Graham is Senator for what state, again?  Not Kentucky, is it?
So he doesn't really have to care about their schoolchildren (and is Kentucky a border state?  Because school children in Texas aren't being threatened by immigrants crossing the Rio Grande, at least not last I heard).  Does he care about jobs at the BMW factory, though?  Or are the only jobs at risk those Amazon won't bring to NYC because it threw a hissy fit that nobody loved the idea of a state-provided helipad for Jeff Bezos?  (Which, for some reason, isn't socialism.  Giving Amazon a sad, however, is.  Just ask Rick Santorum.)


  1. Absolutely loathsome, both Miller and Graham. I would like to know what the Amazon record of job creation is in the places it already has facilities as compared to how much it makes off of government largess. And how many jobs that same level of government subsidies would create in the public sector, teachers, cops, firefighters, EMTs, tax collectors, . . .

  2. Chuck Todd made much of AOC's comment that the tax breaks offered to Amazon (a company which paid $0 in federal taxes for 2018) could be used to invest in the community. He kept pointing out that money didn't exist to be spent; except clearly in some way it did, if NYC could give it up in anticipated revenue. AOC's point was similar to the sports team that forces the city to pay for a stadium for the team; a tax break is a giveaway in the same sense, when such an effort on behalf of the people of the community is "socialism!"

    Giving a similar tax break to the poor or to local merchants would be more beneficial, but we can't do that because...we don't have the money. Right, Chuck?