Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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This was just too good not to pass along.

(I have to add, in the spirit of disclosure, that the problem of Batman's modus operandi had never really struck me until "The Dark Knight,"  Watching Batman punch his way, slowly and repeatedly, through crowds of bad guys, I began to realize this was a labor intensive method without much real return.  Back in the real world, 4 Houston police officers were shot in a raid that made national news.  What may not have been national news was the fact the raid was supposedly on a virtual warehouse of black heroin, but all that was found was some marijuana.  The "bad guys" in that raid were shot to death, not just punched out, but four police officers were wounded, some seriously, and the results didn't exactly change the crime scene in Houston.  No more than, as I heard this morning, did the capture (and now conviction) of El Chapo diminish the effects of his cartel, which is still going strong and is now considered the largest and most powerful such cartel in Mexico.  Maybe simple solutions don't solve complex problems after all.  Oh, well.....)

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