Saturday, February 09, 2019

Reading the Tweets

One sentence at a time:

A)  On the one hand you declare an invasion by a "caravan" to be imminent; on the other hand (sometimes in the same tweet) you declare we have "stopped" migrants from Mexico who have presented themselves at check points lawfully seeking asylum.  Which is it?  Are we stopping them, or are we being overrun by them because we have "open borders" and no "border security"?  Is the Border Patrol a joke, or are the BP agents the only experts in the world who can tell Democrats (never Congress) what to do about the border?

B)  There are no recommendations, because there have been no hearings.  The proper legislative process is to submit a bill to Congress, through a Representative or Senator, that will lead to committee hearings to gather evidence and establish a basis for the validity of such governmental expenditures, including cost estimates, construction ideas, feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, a bidding process, etc.  "Border Agents recommendations" is not even anecdotal evidence; it is no basis for governmental action on anything.  And coming from a documented liar with 8000+ to his credit since inauguration, your claims don't mean much, and shouldn't.

C)  Why is the President of the United States relying on "news reports" for what they Democrats are, or are not, offering?  Doesn't he have Congressional liaisons to gather and report that kind of information to him?  Or would such a practice interfere with his "Executive Time"?

D) "They look to be making this a campaign issue"?  Pot calls kettle too dark.

E)  "The Wall" will get built, regardless?  What are you, the Monarch?  Aren't you the one making this a campaign issue for 2020?

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