Monday, February 04, 2019

We Are All Procedural and Legal Experts Now

I read Twitter so you don't have to:

The basic idea here is:  if Trump uses the National Emergencies Act to declare himself king and announce an emergency on the Mexican border, the House can pass a resolution cancelling the emergency which the Senate would then take up.  But would the Senate have to take it up?
Alternatively, will Trump just shut down the government again?
So the options are:  1) stop this nonsense.  2) shutdown the government again, which worked so well the last time.  3) declare an emergency, but do not pass "Go" and do not collect $200, but instead wind up on the wrong side of a court injunction and face open fracturing of the Senate (which might not override the veto, but the damage would be done before that).

Helluva way to run a railroad.

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  1. I would welcome 3 if it resulted in Mitch McConnell being weakened. Though I doubt that would happen, the shut down didn't do that. I'm not as optimistic about the Supreme Court keeping Trump from assuming dictatorial powers, Federalist-fascists, which at least four of the five facists are, have pushed the unitary-executive form of dictatorship for a long time. If Roberts wants to go down as, possibly, a worse Chief Justice than Taney this is his chance.

    I'm glad you're keeping up with this because I'm finding it hard to take, having to sift through the garbage to find something worth something.