Sunday, February 17, 2019

In which Lawrence Tribe says I was right

Yeah, I'm that insecure.

And I still think, even if the Supremes don't agree with Professor Tribe, Trump will be out of office before all the suits against this "emergency" are tried and appealed. And he doesn't really care, anyway.

“We always anticipated that this would create a lot of attention and since moneys potentially could be redirected, you can imagine the concern this generates,” [U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick] Shanahan told reporters traveling back with him from his trip to Afghanistan, the Middle East and Europe.

“Very deliberately we have not made any decisions, we have identified the steps we would take to make those decisions,” Shanahan said. He added that he would start reviewing the initial military planning on Sunday.

No hurry. It's not like there's an emergency or anything.

(And all the armchair lawyer arguments about how the Supremes will 'show deference' to the White House; yeah, that's not the issue here.  Simple statutory interpretation is.  Tribe has other tweets looking at statutory language Trump has to rely on, and it doesn't support his claims, either.  As Youngstown held, the President doesn't have unlimited authority to do whatever pleases him at the moment.)

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