Saturday, April 25, 2020

A little obtuse, I think

If he's trying to say injecting disinfectants and sticking ultraviolet bulbs where the sun don't shine is not a good idea, I think he could be a bit more explicit.  After all, those are both "cures" which are worse than the disease (since the "cure" will cure the disease only by killing you first).  Then again, does he even know what he's saying, or has said?

Does he just live in a world completely disconnected from reality?  Does he just think reality is whatever he says it is?

That wouldn't be obtuse; that would be madness.  Europe suffered kings like that because they were kings.  We supposedly did them one better; once upon a time, anyway.

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  1. His is a mind structured and filled by unreality as seen on TV. It's not that uncommon, what's uncommon is that he's become President through the corrupt political system and the total moral degeneracy of the political party favored by TV. His fan base are people whose minds are similarly structured and filled by. Marilynne Robinson's talk about how her mother was turned into a paranoid right-winger by watching FOX is relevant, when someone is susceptible through having been raised by TV, it's easy to manipulate them. Advertising and the TV content made to deliver people to advertising prepares them to be gullible fantasists.