Thursday, April 30, 2020

Is it going to include Clorox?

President Lysol speaks:

“I’m not overpromising, I don’t know who said it, but whatever the maximum is, whatever you can humanly do, we’re going to have,” Trump said, “and we hope you’re going to come up with a good vaccine. Johnson & Johnson, Oxford, lots of different great companies, representatives of our country in some ways. [National Institutes of Health] is working very hard and doing a terrific job. No, I hope you’re going to have a vaccine, and we are going to fast-track it like you’ve never been seen before, if we come up with the vaccine. I think they probably will.”

“You know is in charge of it, honestly, I am,” he added. “I’ll tell you, I’m really in charge of it. I could say somebody else, I will say we are dealing with, as you know, the general and the admiral. We are very much in charge. I think probably more than anything, I am in charge. I’m the one that gets blamed, I get blamed anyway. Don’t forget, if we come up with a vaccine in record time, they’ll say I should have done it faster. We have a lot of good possibilities.”
Yeah, this guy is "in charge":

Except when he can blame Obama.

A nation worries, and waits for November.

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