Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This isn't rocket surgery....

Denver is not going to open anytime soon because visitors to ski resorts in the mountains nearby brought the coronavirus with them, spread it around, and residents of Denver went back home and spread it around.  The resorts closed for the season, despite records snows and what could have been an extended season, because of that.

If memory serves, Las Vegas depends heavily on tourists in the casinos and hotels.  Travel is severely restricted, and despite cabin fever most people just want to go back to work, not to a casino.  I'm willing to bet a lot of people who might travel to Vegas can't now because of work (they aren't) and travel (why risk it?).  Tattoo parlors and hair salons in Georgia are saying they won't open because of the risk of becoming known as a vector for contagion.  What happens to Vegas if the casinos open (do they want to?) and a handful of people show up (most likely scenario) and some of them get sick?

And a "control group"?  As Gov. Cuomo said, get over the idea this is just going to affect you.  It affects the rest of us, too.  Maybe the "European" strain of this thing is limited to the Northeast (dubious, but go with it a minute).  What's the value of people flocking to Vegas and then distributing that strain further around the country?

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