Sunday, April 26, 2020

Later that same day....

Trump deleted those tweets, sure enough; and went, again, to his "go to" response:  he was being sarcastic!

Which doesn't explain why he thinks journalists win Nobel prizes, or why he deleted those three tweets.  Maybe because he can't make a pun with "Pulitzer"?  Or because he really is that stupid, and when he gets pantsed in public, all he can say is, "It was sarcasm!"

Twice in one week; gotta be a record.

In the meantime:  over 55,000 Americans dead of coronavirus as of today.  Silence about this from the POTUS.  Which, sadly, is no surprise.  It is obscene to bring that count up in this context; the true obscenity is the clanging silence from President Trump.

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