Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Another day, another hour (or two)

a)  because sovereignty means shit, unless you're a red state.

b) because Trump can't do anything else about it.  Which is probably as good a reason as any to broadcast these things, because tomorrow you know he's gonna say he didn't say that.

Or it was sarcasm.

"Many months" would put him stuck in the White House since the first of the year.  Most states didn't start "stay-at-home" orders until late March.  That's only been six weeks ago, at best.  Children have this concept of time, not 70 year olds.

Of course, he thinks the coronavirus is just going to vanish into thin air.  Meanwhile, earlier today:

Wait for it....

He's still using a pile of corpses as a stage to declare:  "VICTORY!"  And when it isn't Jared In Charge (lordelpus!), it's people like this giving Trump advice:

The primary economic engines of Colorado are oil production (dead hereafter and for a long time; I know people in the field in that state); tourism (Denver has a major virus outbreak because of it in the ski resorts last winter), and agriculture (well, and Coors beer).  Which of those are going to make Colorado an economic leader in the third and fourth quarters? (and when you think of Arizona?  Tourism.  Nevada:  tourism.  South Carolina:  tourism.  Utah:  I got nuthin'.  Mining?  Washington?  Seattle and coronavirus?  Florida:  tourism and alligators? Nebraska: wheat?  Missile silos?)

Who are these clowns?

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  1. He's the King Canute of corona.

    Maine is enormously dependent on tourism, it's nickname is "Vacationaland" for a reason. Add on top of that that most of our economy is very small business, our population is about the oldest in th country, certainly below average income, etc. etc. We're all pretty much figuring our state is screwed, no matter what.