Wednesday, April 29, 2020

As Goes Texas...

Rick Wilson recently noted, in a tweet, that for Florida to go for the Democratic POTUS candidate, that candidate needs to be leading in Florida polls by at least 10 points.  I'm sure he's right, and I'd say the same thing about Texas.

I'd also say that Biden has barely been able to campaign, while Trump has been on TV 2 hours or more a day since Easter.

I really think he needs to be on TV as often as possible.  I also think the Democratic Party in Texas needs to work like they could win Texas, or they just won't win Texas.  But if Trump were to lose Texas, it would be a helluva shot at the GOP (then again, who imagined Trump would follow 8 years of Obama?).

Well, and:

West Texas light crude trading in negative numbers, especially if it happens again, is going to put the Texas economy in the crapper even worse than coronavirus has done.  That is never gonna work in favor of the incumbent.

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