Monday, April 27, 2020

Noticing a Pattern Here?

The Payroll Protection Program was sold as a benefit to workers, but so small an amount was allocated it ran out of money (funny, money to corporations and business wasn't exhausted).  The second tranche is not expected to last long, either.  And now McConnell wants to protect business from liability for reopening and makine people sick.  Gee, why would McConnell want to do that?  So businesses can open regardless of whether people choose to patronize them or not?  Or because he wants business to be sure they understand who their friends are?

Pop quiz:  who has more money on a regular basis:  thousands of individuals who give it to Bernie Sanders, or the corporations who lobby Congress and spend lots of money on things other than campaign contributions?

And what does it indicate, except that "it's money that matters/in the U.S.A.?"  I mean, what is the point of tort law, anyway?  Gee, if only there was a way to find out.

The GOP has been strong on getting the economy reopened.  McConnell has not been quite as crazed as Dan Patrick and others who want to re-open the economy at all (especially human) costs.  But his heart is with the crazies, if his language is not.  In this time of turmoil and upheaval and not "going back to the way things were" and "the new normal," maybe we should ask:

Who are we re-opening the economy for?  Us?  Or the "economy"?  In the wisdom best expressed in Latin:  Cui bono?

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