Thursday, April 30, 2020

"Call the the the names...."


In a rampage of over 40 tweets the President lashed out, tweeting or retweeting about: his former National Security Advisor, fired and disgraced convicted felon Michael Flynn (a lot); former FBI Director Jim Comey, whom he also fired; his Senate acquittal; meat processing plants; Iowa Pork; Iowa; “The Do Nothing Democrats!”; BP America; a GOP Congressman’s attack on Joe Biden; a help wanted link; a right wing extremist pundit’s claim journalists never apologize, after one did the day before – which Trump tweeted; a Sexual Health Counselor’s tweet attacking CNN; Sweden; CNN’s Don Lemon; MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough; MSNBC’s Brian Williams (a lot); CNN (a lot); a lie that Hillary Clinton’s campaign colluded with Russia; “FAKE POLLING”; Roger Stone; Comcast; and a Happy Birthday message to a GOP Congressman.
He is a very busy man.

Too busy to note the passing of almost 61,000 Americans killed by the coronavirus currently still in pandemic spread across the country.

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