Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Grandpa's got the phone again!

Wait, wut?
So, which is it?*
Shouldn't you update that slogan, too?  It's been 2 years now.
But the substance of the call, that part's true?
“The president called up the friend of our show Bob Costa overnight on an unrelated topic,” Jackson said, “and Bob smartly asked him about all of these subpoenas that House Democrats are issuing against the Trump administration, and the president made the argument to the Post, ‘Hey, I cooperated plenty with Robert Mueller, what do I have to cooperate with Congress for?”
Though I'm guessing people who agree with the idea of "ARMED SOLDIERS" at the Border (who can't legally use those arms) also think this is a necessary piece of interior decoration.

And oh, once again:  fantasy land.

It was unclear what incident Mr. Trump was referring to when he said Mexican soldiers "pulled guns." But Newsweek reported last week, citing an serious incident report, that members of the Mexican military briefly held two U.S. Army soldiers at gunpoint earlier this month, believing the soldiers had crossed into Mexican territory. CBS News has not confirmed the alleged encounter. 

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