Saturday, April 13, 2019

I Read the Tweets Today, O Boy!

So, NBC reported it (the border closing story):

And the NYT reported it, oh, and CNN reported it:
Ms. Haberman also pointed out yesterday how many times the NYT contacted the White House:

And Maggie Haberman pointed out today that, again, Trump is not communicating with his communications office:
Q:  Why is Trump so upset about stories about him dangling pardons in front of people?  (Because, really, who thinks it didn't happen?)

Think about it:  That leaked comment on sanctuary cities and immigrants, he's proud of.  That one he insisted on to the point the White House had to admit that, yes, far from being a plan proposed and almost immediately discarded, it was now on the way to becoming Administration policy.  The leak about dangling a pardon to get the border shut down?  Not so much.

Trump wants to play with the pardon power so badly; and he's so afraid to, for the same reason most Presidents don't use it until they're on their way out the door for the last time.  It's the third rail of Presidential power.  Clinton faced more heat after leaving office for pardoning Marc Rich than for lying about blow jobs in the Oval Office.  Bush, Sr. lived long enough to live down his 11th hour pardon of all the people who could get him in trouble just before he lost the protection of being a sitting President the DOJ would not indict.  Obama's last minute pardons were even, briefly, controversial.

And we should all note the President didn't offer to pardon the individual agents who would be carrying out these illegal orders.  Or to give them new jobs, when they lost their government positions.

Rules, as Leona Helmsley once said, are for little people.  He knows that, too; but that's the one quiet part he will never say out loud.

So, is he lying now?  Depends; are his lips moving?

(to put these tweets in context, the first one above was preceded by this very Presidential pronouncement:

And then he decided to misrepresent what Mayors of sanctuary cities in California said:
He knows the rest of us have Twitter access, too, right?
Sam Liccardo is the mayor of San Jose.
Libby Schaaf is the mayor of Oakland.  She doesn't even come close to saying what Trump attributes to her.
London Breed is the mayor of San Francisco.

Trump was probably watching FakesNews again.

Sounds like he does hope to "dump" immigrants, though:

Remember, even though he types in all caps, he is not frustrated!  NOT AT ALL!!!!!  But, as Maggie Haberman quickly pointed out, he is confused; or at least contradicting himself:

Between the courts and the inability of ICE or Border Patrol to move that many people that far and then just release them, I think he's going to continue to be frustrated.)

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