Sunday, April 14, 2019

Meanwhile, on "Press the Meat"

Chuck Todd is asking Kellyanne Conway and Gov. Jay Inslee about Trump's"plan" to dump immigrants on sanctuary cities. But no one, not Chuck nor his panel, is addressing the elephant in the room: Trump's racist xenophobia.

That has been plain since Trump came down the escalator, and he threw it in everybody's face early this morning. And still we cannot acknowledge it.

Why not?

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  1. Chuck Todd is one of Brian Lamb's protogees, he will never be more than useless, unless you consider a Republican-fascist tool as being more than that. I used to look at really old episodes of that show, when they actually met some actual press, it was better but the press they had on tended to be more in line with the Chuckie T of rigged political fights than real journalists. It wasn't good it was just less bad.