Monday, April 15, 2019

In Other words

Enter the U.S., get a free trip to:  New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City!

From which, as someone pointed out on NPR this morning, most of these people will simply leave to find their way to the relatives and friends they were planning to stay with, anyway.

And there's the matter of funding: unless Congress has explicitly allocated funds for shipping immigrants off to "sanctuary cities," Homeland Security can't find a way to transport them without running afoul of the law.  Notice this is the first time Trump has publicly acknowledged the law may not allow him to do this.  Thus, once again, does Trump snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and convince people who should know better (i.e., not just his supporters) that he is indeed Large and In Charge.

Because, really, he's no more effective than his Twitter account.  And if political Twitter is as to the electorate as Trump is to a competent and capable President, then Twitter is not even a megaphone.

It's just a small gong some are mistaking for a brass band on parade.  Trump saying it doesn't make it so; but still, too many in punditry react as if Trump's words were law, instead of shouts into an empty room.

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