Thursday, April 18, 2019

"The strawberries! That's where I had them!"

You want a cookie for being such a good boy?  First you might want to read the Mueller report:
"At that point, the president engaged in a second phase of conduct, involving public attacks on the investigation, non-public efforts to control it, and efforts both in public and private to encourage witnesses not to cooperate with the investigation," the report states.
The fourth instance stems from Mr. Trump's decision to fire Comey, which directly led to Mueller's appointment. Mr. Trump decided to fire Comey in May 2017 — days after the FBI director declined to tell Congress that Mr. Trump wasn't under investigation.

After Mr. Trump dismissed Comey, the White House insisted he had done so at the recommendation of the Department of Justice. In reality, Mr. Trump had not consulted with the Justice Department before deciding to fire Comey.

In conversations that followed, Mr. Trump indicated the Russia investigation was the real reason he had let Comey go: "The day after firing Comey, the president told Russian officials that he had 'faced great pressure because of Russia,' which had been 'taken off' by Comey's firing. The next day, the president acknowledged in a television interview that he was going to fire Comey regardless of the Department of Justice's recommendation and that when he 'decided to just do it,' he was thinking that 'this thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.'"
Because the primary reason you weren't charged and arrested, is that you're a sitting President:

In other words:  yes, you can do it.  But you can't do it with impunity. And if all it does is cost you the election, that'll be enough.

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