Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What Action Movie Do These Idiots Live In?

This is an actual piece of furniture that you can actually purchase.  I'm trying to imagine the guy who thinks he needs to be able to grab a gun from the bookshelf on the wall so he can blaze away, two-fisted, at the bad guys who have....walked in through the front door?

So, the scenario is this?  The bloodthirsty cut-throats have battered down your door, or worse yet!  Slipped in the back door no one locks because it's a "nice neighborhood."  You've gotten up from the couch, and as they approach you nonchalantly put down your beer and say "There's a book on this shelf I think you'll want to see."  Then a quick push of the RFID remote control (don't grab the car alarm in your pocket by mistake!), the guns drop down, and in one swift motion you are armed to the teeth and BLAM!  BLAM!  BLAM BLAM!!!  Two smoking barrels and two, three....hell, why not four?  armed bad guys are dead meat who never saw it comin'.

Right?  Just like in the movies.....

How disappointed he must be that will never happen.....

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  1. This is extreme even in the industry that markets total crap to the extremely paranoid. Bunker chic.