Thursday, April 25, 2019

Life is not a TeeVee Show

Let's see:  18 hours ago (Google tells me), WaPo published this headline:

The article says Cummings is scheduling a vote on the matter for the committee (House Oversight).  

I guess they should do that in 24 hours, so we have something to talk about on Twitter tomorrow morning?  You know, "political" Twitter where a handful of people think they are the whole world?

I remember those people from Clinton days, where the fora were places like "Table Talk" at Salon.  Then bloggers arose, and Obama treated them to a day at the White House, and suddenly DailyKos was going to rule the world!

Whatever happened to that?

Got to say I'm more and more in favor of impeachment hearings, with counsel (not Representatives who are lawyers) leading the questioning, much as was done in Watergate.  It wasn't always riveting viewing, but it underscored the seriousness of the matters in question.

Three or four committees trying to pick the carcass of the Trump administration and firing off subpoenas from all quarters and grandstanding for C-SPAN (because the majors won't cover that circus; not for long, if at all) sounds like ruination to me.  The House should move on that; but they don't have to do it by the end of the week.

Deliberation and determination go a long way to making it look like a legitimate effort, rather than a partisan political one.  Although pursuing impeachment per se, should not be the goal (IIRC, Watergate hearings began as a Congressional investigation, and slowly moved toward impeachment based on evidence uncovered.)  To cite Rick Wilson approvingly this time:

There's no reason not to use the Watergate model again.  What began as "What fresh hell is this?" ended with "This cannot stand!"

And then the GOP Senators pushed Nixon out of the window.

If the House goes straight to impeachment hearings, a la the Gingrich Congress, and McConnell calls their bluff by holding the trial, it will be Clinton redux, or even the recall of Scott Walker, a failed effort that left Walker invisible and bulletproof; and re-elected.

So, deliberation and determination are the course to follow.

On the other hand, not everything is about the Mueller report:

So there are going to be a lot of contempt of Congress motions to consider.

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  1. The only down sides I can see in the idea of having questioning done through council hired by the committee(s) all come with an "R" after them. In some ways I think Fred Thompson was a precursor of the kind of amoral Republican of the kind who now comprise the entire party. He also was a sleazy lawyer-politician whose TV skills and show biz experience is the kind of thing that resulted in, first Reagan and now Trump. Democrats, if they do that, should get someone with good improve skills and who is good on camera because in a country so debased by entertainment, that will be as important to success as knowledge of the law and morality. I remember that other hearing in which Oliver North took the Senate Committee who were such total suckers for him. I split with a long time friend over that, I think they were daddled by his appearance in uniform and his "I'm the fall guy" act. I have no idea who that Democrats would be but you can be sure the Republicans will be looking for someone who can use ad campaign conjob tactics.