Wednesday, June 19, 2019

At The Risk of Being an Old Man

Facing the draft for Vietnam was "scary." (I was eligible for the last year of the draft lottery.)

Seeing JFK shot on the streets of Dallas was "scary."

Seeing MLK shot in broad daylight, and RFK in a crowded room, was "scary."

Innocent students shot down by National Guardsman who faced no accountability at Kent State was "scary."

The police riot in Chicago at the Democratic Convention in '68, again with no accountability, was "scary."

The destruction of an entire block of houses by Philadelphia police in 1985, simply to remove a small group of people from one building, again with no one held accountable, was "scary."

An old man shouting delusions to a crowd of followers who go from town to town to hear his canned rant and have no more power to effect change than the old man has to actually get a single bill through Congress, is not "scary."

Not sorry.  Just get some perspective.

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