Monday, June 17, 2019

Which means the Democrats lose

Elections are"for," not "against." A few people voted "for" Trump. Many voted "against" Clinton by not voting. Beto am.ost defeated Cruz because people voted for him, not just against Cruz. Democrats won in Texas because people turned out to vote "for."

A referendum on Trump is a losing proposition.  Indeed, he seems to know it:

President Donald Trump has little to promote for 2020, so political analysts on MSNBC think that he’ll likely spend the campaign working to tear everyone else down.

Howard Fineman noted that if Trump intends to do a “tear down” campaign, the most important things Democrats will have are policy proposals to set themselves apart from a White House that is unwilling to pass anything through Congress.

“It’s just a question of can he do what he did in 2016 and 2018, which was, frankly, mobilize voters in a fear-tactic kind of way,” said Fineman during Monday’s “Meet the Press.”

A former advisor to Jeb Bush and John Boehner agreed that Trump might go the “mow it down” method of campaigning.

“Donald Trump has the next 15 months to tear down, you know, the Democrat whose name is inserted. And that’s his only real strategy,” said Michael Steele. “He’s done nothing over the past several years to increase his support. He polls right in the mid-40s on every poll you ever take. So, he’s got to make the Democrat unacceptable to the voters in the middle there.”

The only major piece of legislation Trump has been able to pass is the GOP tax cut to the rich and to corporations. When Republicans attempted to run on it in 2018, they lost support. The overwhelming majority of the country doesn’t support the tax bill and didn’t see any benefit from it.
What is Trump going to do to convince people to vote for him, rather than against "Sleepy Joe" or Pocahontas" or "Alfred E. Neuman"?

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