Saturday, June 29, 2019

23 Candidates

...and 14 months to the convention. Nobody said narrowing the field was gonna be pretty.

Besides, I remember what the GOP did to Jeb!, as well as public GOP discussions about "Little Mario" and Ted Cruz's connection to JFK's death, and hand size as a euphemism for male genitalia, so maybe you try to come to equity with clean hands next time, huh?

(Besides, my primary opposition is that Biden is too old, though he's only a few years older than me. Unlike Rick Wilson, I remember the busing controversy vividly. Biden was wrong then, and too old to say he's wrong now. (Trump is just fucking clueless.) Biden is also too conservative, something that doesn't bother Wilson, but IMHO Wilson hasn't gotten the memo (the times they are a'changin', thanks largely to Trump). And I'm just a die-hard progressive anyway.)

1 comment:

  1. I knew Biden was too something the day I read about him cribbing Neil Kinnock's speech when Biden was about 46 years old. I couldn't believe someone that age would do something that stupid, especially someone who had been in the Senate about sixteen years.

    Getting Biden and Bernie out of the race is going to be essential to winning and they're going to have to be forced out. Bernie, especially, is fueled by ego and what his wife and other senior campaign staff can talk him into. What Kamala Harris did took courage of the kind Biden has seldom shown.