Tuesday, June 25, 2019

First Two Guesses Don't Count

Four House Democrats voted with the minority on the funding bill for DHS and the Border Patrol. Three GOP House members voted with the majority to pass the bill, which still has to be reconciled with the Senate bill, and faces a veto threat. Which party is in "disarray"?

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  1. I'm reminded of how Vine Deloria noted that when people use the word "plight" it means they aren't going to accept responsibility for what they did and it wasn't going to be effectively addressed. I think it was in Custer Died For Your Sins but I read it about a half a century ago. I'm totally fed up with people who slam the Democrats in exactly the way they don't slam Republicans and, especially, the Republicans in the Senate. That goes from the Great Gray Drab and MSNBC all the way down to the lefty blogs, The Young Turks (who I don't trust) and on down to the sewers of the Murdoch and other billionaire oligarch owned media. I shut down anyone who doesn't start with slamming the Republicans. They betray the insincerity of their criticism by blaming the least culpable part of the government, perhaps by the same habits of thought that the word "plight" was constantly used to cover-up the injustice done to Native People.